Keeping Your Baby Comfortable During Immunizations Administered By Shot

Although immunizations are a vital part of your baby's well-being, they aren't exactly the most pleasing of experiences, particularly when they are administered by shot. However, there are measures you can take to keep your baby comfortable. Here are just some of the steps you can take to keep your baby feeling better during and after they receive immunizations.

Keep Your Baby Close

If your baby is showing signs of irritation or discomfort after their immunization, this is the perfect time to hold and cuddle with your baby. The warmth of your embrace can help distract the baby and comfort them at the same time, which can be soothing and calming. Just make sure you aren't pressing firmly on the site near the immunization.

Offer Sugar Water

If there is any time when purposely giving your baby sugar is advised, it's just before an immunization. Add a spoonful of sugar to water and let your child sip on it. It's thought that sugar helps ease some of the pain associated with getting a shot. Offer your child a few sips just before they get their shot. If the child is having multiple immunizations, you may also want to offer a few sips midway through.

Bring A Distraction

Babies have a short attention span. As quickly as you bring one thing to their attention, they are already off exploring something new. This can work in your favor. Bring a favorite toy, blanket or other object they favor, even if it's your phone. Allowing your child to play with the object just before the injection can offer a distraction and allow the immunization to be administered faster. This can be especially helpful if the provider is having a hard time getting the baby to keep still.

Administer Medication Early

Some parents wait until after their baby has received their immunization to offer an acetaminophen. Get ahead of the pain by offering this medication before your child's visit, which can help minimize pain both during and after the immunization. It's important to speak with your child's provider first. There are some vaccinations in which administering acetaminophen ahead of time can actually lower the effectiveness of the vaccine, so get clearance first.

Immunizations administered by a shot are often just as painful for the parent as they are the child. Knowing that you are taking measures to keep your baby comfortable can also help relieve your stress. For more information about how to prepare, contact a company like Rocky Mountain Family Physicians.