Effects Chronic Heartburn Can Have On Your Body

If you suffer from heartburn on a daily basis, your doctor might recommend taking a daily antacid tablet. This can help control the effects of chronic heartburn, but it may not stop the effects completely. If you are suffering from this and having a hard time finding relief, it might be wise to visit a local medical clinic for help. Failing to treat chronic heartburn properly can lead to a variety of health issues. [Read More]

3 Tips To Prepare For Your Hysterectomy

If you have an impending hysterectomy, you may be concerned about the after care. The best way to be prepared post-operatively is to have everything ready in order to make your recovery go by smoothly. Be Prepared For Post-Operative Needs In the weeks leading up to your hysterectomy or on the day of surgery, ask if you doctor can give you any necessary post-op prescriptions so you can have them ready. [Read More]